Best Tactical Monoculars

Top 5 Best Tactical Monoculars on The Market Today

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you need a monocular to observe the distant beauty around you. Whether it is the daytime vision for observing the birds or wildlife or night vision for stargazing, one of the best tactical monoculars is the most convenient gadget for such adventurous activities.

You can use a single hand to focus on the object of observation instantly, and there are monoculars available with different magnifications and lens for brighter and wide-angle viewing. Check out the best monoculars with all the desirable features an ideal monocular should have.

List of 5 Best Tactical Monoculars in 2020

Wingspan Optics Explorer Monocular
4.6 Star Rating
Vortex Optics Solo Monocular
4.3 Star Rating
Eyeskey High Powered Zoom Monocular
4.2 Star Rating
VEMTONA High Powered Monocular
4.3 Star Rating
Aiqiying Monocular Telescope
4 Star Rating

Wingspan Optics Explorer Monocular

This is the bestselling monocular that comes with 12X magnification. With 50mm lens, you get to see the distant objects with more clarity and brightness. In fact, it is the most powerful handheld monocular available current in the market.

The exterior build is equally impressive with a non-slip grip and superior construction. It is a highly durable monocular, and it is waterproof as well as fog-proof.

There is no chance for the moisture and dust to penetrate to the inside. Therefore, you can use the monocular in any weather condition and the surrounding environment.

The monocular is very compact, and you get a premium feel while holding it. You can focus on the target object with a single hand quickly and accurately.

It is a perfect monocular to use for bird watching, wildlife observation, as well as for enjoying the beauty of nature. It is specially designed keeping in mind the three most important parameters - clarity, power, and distance.

You get a completely clear field of view. It is suitable on the daytime vision only, and it comes with carrying case, eyepiece and lens covers and cleaning cloth.


- Greater magnification with brighter and clear view.

- Durable external armor.

- Waterproof and fog-proof.

- Single hand focus.


- Applicable for daytime vision only.

Vortex Optics Solo Monocular

The monocular has 10X magnification and 25mm lens. It is small and lightweight, and the lens has multi-coating so that the light transmission is greater and the resolution is higher.

You will get crystal clean and crisp field of view. The exterior of the monocular has rubber armor, and therefore, it has a non-slip grip, and you can operate it easily with a single hand. The product is undoubtedly extremely durable.

The monocular is waterproof and fog-proof and therefore, you can make it operate in any environment without any performance issue. Besides, the adjustable eyecup offers comfortable viewing even without putting on the glasses.

It is very convenient to carry for the outdoor enthusiast, and the glass surface makes the viewing brighter thanks to its multi-coating. Moreover, the product is shockproof, and you get soft carry case along with a neck lanyard.


- Greater magnification with crisp viewing.

- Multi-coated glass surfaces for more brightness.

- Waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof.

- Compact and easy to carry and hold.


- No eyepiece cover

- No long distance focusing.

Eyeskey High Powered Zoom Monocular

This high-powered zoom monocular comes with 10X to 30X magnification. Therefore, you can get a crystal clear view of long distance objects conveniently. It offers a brighter range of view thanks to its 50mm lens and the viewing will pleasant without hurting your eyes.

Just like most other best-quality monoculars on the list, this one too is waterproof and fog-proof. It is its nitrogen gas purged and O-ring seal that prevents the moisture, fog, and dust from penetrating the monocular in any environment.

The optical glasses are HD with multi-coating. That is why you get a vivid and lively view of the distant objects and scenery like never before. You can use it during hunting, sightseeing, wildlife and bird watching. Moreover, it comes with a large central focusing knob to focus on fast-moving objects instantly.

Therefore, there is no scope for missing any moment in the real world. Additionally, the exterior of the monocular has premium built-quality with anti-slip rubber armor. The twist-up eyecups are also well built for the product to be highly durable.


- A wide range of magnification and great for low light.

- Instant adjustment of the manual focus.

- HD optical glasses with multi-coating.

- Premium build quality in all aspects.


- Gets slightly hazy at the higher magnification.

VEMTONA High Powered Monocular

This is a very powerful monocular with 16X magnification. The patented 50mm objective lens with revolutionary option technology provides a wide-angle viewing.

The light performance is also excellent, and you can use the monocular even n low light conditions for comfortable viewing.

The clarity and color fidelity are of high resolution, and it is one of the best monoculars to buy for all-around performance. You can spot the target instantly in the wide angle view as well as face to face view. The color and details of the objects will not be lost due to the use of the extra-low dispersion glass.

It prevents the chromatic aberration, and the product has an IP55 rating which means it is waterproof, fog-proof as well as climate-proof. Moreover, it is drop and shock proof.

The design is sleek, and you can make it mount on the tripod for long and steady observation. Moreover, the rubber armor and the thumb indents prevent slippage while gripping it. It is a perfect monocular for outdoor activities, and in the package, you will find all the attachments you will ever require.

Starting from phone adapter to stretchable tripod, everything is available making it the most complete monocular on the list. On top of that, the company offers a lifetime warranty.


- Wide-angle viewing and visibility in low light condition.

- Spectacular color and climate-proof construction.

- The most complete monocular with all attachments.

- Anti-slippery grip with thumb indents and lifetime warranty.


- Viewing compatible with selected smartphones.

Aiqiying Monocular Telescope

The product features under Amazon’s Choice for the monocular category which shows its quality and performance. This product has 12X magnification with 50mm lens. The material quality is , and it produces a clear and bright range of view. It is suitable for all outdoor exploration.

Most importantly, the low night vision is outstanding. It is due to the large prism and fully multi-coated lens. The light reflection is high while the distortion is minimal.  Due to greater light transmission, the brightness is higher.

The monocular is waterproof, and the O-ring sealed design protects it from all climatic and environmental conditions. It does not fog up, and no dust or dirt can enter through.

There is a universal smartphone adapter available in the package. Besides, you get a useful tripod and a phone clip to record HD video and enjoy HD real-life images. Moreover, the company offers one year warranty on the product.


- Low light vision with better light transmission.

- High-quality lens and prism for greater brightness.

- Compatible with most of the standard smartphones.


- The grip is not up to the best standard.


If you are wondering whether you should buy a monocular for not for distant object observation, you need to understand its benefits. It is easy to carry wherever you go, and it requires a single-hand operation.

Therefore, there is scope for various other activities with the other hand. In comparison to a binocular, it is no less inferior in terms of the technical features like magnification, wide-view, brightness and clarity. Instead, it is more budget-friendly and convenient in various aspects.

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